You've reached the answering machine of THE WILDS SYSTEM. Please leave a message after the tone.

In all seriousness though: hello! Welcome to our website. We're a DID system of indeterminate size; there are a few 'main' alters (those who can front or interact with the world of their own accord, or with the aid of the host) and many fragments (those with less distinct/separate identities who may influence other alters but are unlikely to interact with the world on their own), though we're always discovering new pieces of ourselves here and there. We were diagnosed in late 2022 after many years of trying to figure out what was going on with us, and although it's been a lot to process, it's overall been a relief to understand ourselves better. This site is intended as a way for us to express ourselves as individual parts however we might like, as well as helping other people get to know each alter better.

We're happy to answer questions about our disorder, but only if they pertain to our system specifically - please don't ask us to educate you on DID unless we're friends!


You can collectively call us Wilds, and refer to us with they/them, it/its, and xe/xyr pronouns.

We're collectively white, queer, trans, and disabled. At the time of writing we're bodily 27; most (but not all!) of us prefer to be treated as adults regardless of our internal age. Some of us have alterhuman leanings that we're still exploring and investigating, and those affect the way we see ourselves and each other at times; sometimes it's hard to tell if we're experiencing a dissociative switch or if we're just feeling like a non-human flavour of ourselves! It's likely that we have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and we definitely have an undiagnosed issue with our legs that impacts our mobility and gives us episodes of chronic pain.